The Marxist Paradox: An Anarchist Critique

Thursday 2 January 2014, by Wayne Price

First, it would be necessary to have a look on

La critique anarchiste du marxisme Laslo Sekelj

Critique marxiste de l’anarchisme (entre le dialogue et l’anathème) Laslo Sekelj

Aportación de Majayski a la Rusia bolchevique 1917 1991

Makaisky le visionnaire Compte-rendu du livre, textes présentés par Skirda

Secondly, for whom and for what was –and is- usefull true and scientific marxism?

Only for dictatorship, in the right line of Marx’s manipulation in IWA, in behalf to a so called worker emancipation (an imitation of the dream of Platon on a dictatorship giving happiness, etc.).

Other Marxists as Herman Gorter, Karl Korsch opposed directly to this Marxist trend (may be) on the basis of some pages of Marx on the Commune of Paris.

Other followers of Marx, Rosa Luxembourg, Anton Pannekoek, etc., were nearer to Marx sharing his insane hate of anarchism.
Finally, the only criterion to understand a theory is how it suits, it works for the poorest groups in a society.

If we forget, we loose this bound to reality, we shall take gurus ideas, fascism, religion, etc., as the way to paradise on earth…

The best and unique tool to breack workers’ boredom, social and moral exploitation, etc., is grass routs fighting.

Frank, 02.01.14

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