Hong Kong : solidarity with Lee Cheuk Yan and all HKCTU trade unionists ! solidarité avec Lee Cheuk Yan (...) ! ¡solidaridad con Lee Cheuk Yan y (...) !

lundi 2 mars 2020, par Red Sindical Internacional de Solidaridad y Luchas

HKCTU = confederación de sindicatos de Hong Kong

The General Secretary of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), LEE Cheuk Yan, was arrested this morning (28/2/2020) on charges of “unlawful assembly”, he was later released on bail and pending court hearing on May 5. The HKCTU vehemently condemns the arrest, which we regard as a plot to further suppress Hong Kong citizens and workers’ rights to freedom of association, and we demand the Hong Kong Government to drop all charges against LEE and others who are criminally prosecuted due to political reasons.


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