13th Congress of USI-AIT : Situation and Relations with the IWA


Monday 7 November 2005, by USI

Sections of IWA begin to react against the anarchist sectarianism dominating within this International. After the bureaucratic exclusion of the CNT-F in 1996, one of the most dynamic and most promising sections, the various harassments against the FAU, the USI-AIT has the merit to approach the real problem. Let us get rid of the intellectual bureaucrats who manage IWA, the sections which militate on the ground of the class struggle, far from the intellectual swamp, have to resume the control of Revolutionary Syndicalist International.

The U.S.I. confirms that the I.W.A. was born in 1922 as an International of Revolutionary and Free Unions from all over the world in order to unite in the struggles, through solidarity, in the search for real social emancipation. And
this is the reason for its existence. At the same time, the U.S.I. confirms that the model which was historically
adopted by a single section cannot be automatically repeated to face situations which may seem similar.

Today in the I.W.A. there is a tendency which is deliberately seeking to transform the Association into an anarchist international, by allowing to join as national sections groups which are declaredly anarchist, often made up of very few people who operate in an exclusively ideological and specific terrain, with the intention of progressively destroying the anarcho-syndicalist nature
of the IWA even to the extent of completely eliminating it.

If this continues, the I.W.A. will soon cease to be that which is was created for, an International of Free revolutionary class-struggle Unions, and will become the playground of organized political groups. This operation has almost led to the expulsion of the F.A.U., to an attempt to expel the U.S.I. and to the distancing of those Unions, particularly in the Asian area but not only,
who are interested in joining the I.W.A. but are rejected as they are not unions made up of anarchists.

The attempt during recent Congresses (an attempt which in all probability will succeed in two years’ time) to pass a resolution forcing I.W.A. sections to be composed solely of anarchist members, will deal a mortal blow and bury the
International and its history.

We must, instead, denounce the fact that this situation is being taken advantage of by those components of alternative syndicalism outside the I.W.A. who are intent on creating parallel internationals. The "enemies" of the I.W.A. would have a free hand.

The U.S.I. has decided to counteract this tendency.

Independently of the question regarding RSUs (*), which is merely a pretext to bow us or to throw us out. The real point of contention is this: do we want an I.W.A. of Free revolutionary Unions (as it was in 1922 and throughout its
history and as the world’s workers and exploited of today demand) or an I.W.A. which is merely a poor copy of the IAF-IFA [International of Anarchist Federations]? For this reason, the U.S.I. requests that the I.W.A. takes a
position as soon as possible on the evident incompatibility between the neo-Marxist, party-style structure of the Czech Section and its membership of the International.

The U.S.I. further requests that, by its next Congress, the I.W.A. clarifies if it is to remain as the 1922 International to which we affiliated, or if it has
become something else. On the basis of the answers to these questions the U.S.I. will decide to remain as a member of the International or not.


(*) RSU - elected union representatives