I02 Essen nationalism

Thursday 26 July 2007, by FAUD

Statement agreed at workshop on ‘nationalism’ at the International Solidarity Conference in Essen, 1st Sept. 2002:

“We are for the free movement of individuals throughout the world,
freedom to travel and to settle anywhere unrestricted.

“We are for free expression and the allowance for cultural diversity.

“We are for global workers unity and solidarity, for movements and
sympathetic actions across state borders.

“We pledge to struggle for the above alongside our struggle for the
emancipation of the working class.

“We oppose all borders, all border controls, and economic fortresses which divide workers and force people to suffer in regions of the world where conditions are worse.

“We oppose discrimination against any language and to the systematic support for one culture at the expense of others.

“We oppose anything that would divide the working class against itself whether within a state or between states.

“We oppose the terrorism of the state, of all states and recognise the
hypocrisy of present governments and their military apparatus when they brand their political opponents ‘terrorists’ whilst they themselves terrorise the working class of the world with their wars and genocide in the interests of global capitol.

“We pledge to struggle against the above alongside our struggle against exploitation and wage slavery.

“We uphold that the only thing that can improve the lot of the working class in any region is workers unity and direct action by the
workers themselves.”